Speaking & Facilitating

She facilitates dynamic, interactive keynotes and workshops that showcase her ability to lead an audience to a new understanding of how their body is a metaphor for their conscious awareness. Her unique combination of embodied leadership wisdom and years of performance on stage, together with her characteristic humor and heart, allow her to unfold memorable experiences for audiences looking for growth.

Lori is intimately in tune with how people embody their concerns and commitments and how that impacts their ability to influence others. She asks audiences to reflect on how their experience of their bodies shapes their perception, and guides them to a place where they can make the connection between what they experience in their bodies and how they experience the most important moments of their life

Lori is a firm believer in connecting to your goals, your passions, and your dreams. This belief led her to become a TED* (The Empowerment Dynamic) practitioner. If you are looking to shift your team's behavior from complaint and blame (a victim mindset) to that of accountability and responsibility (a creator's mindset), Lori can help you do that using the tools and principles of this positive, high-performance alternative to the Drama Triangle.

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