The Dance of Leadership – A Full Body Workshop

An Embodied Approach to Authenticity and Impact

Is your group interested in becoming more effective in leading their own lives or do they want to become more skilled at leading others? The Dance of Leadership will support them in opening themselves to the questions: What is embodied leadership and why and how would it make a difference in my life? In my career? In my speaking in front of others?

Lori will guide participants through a set of practices that will enable them to clear away the obstacles that are standing in their way and open themselves up to the Leader that they truly want to become. They will:

  • Discover and commit to what’s truly important to them through The Clearing Process
  • Develop skills around making reliable shifts from the restricted body of survival to the state of enlightened, grounded leader
  • Increase ability to move through difficult conversations and bring them to a satisfying conclusion
  • Develop a body trained to distinguish between their emotions, the sensations in their body and the story they tell about it
  • Develop capacity for play and opening up to creativity

Participants will uncover the strengths that are built in the body to support ones emotional intelligence. Self-awareness and Clarity will increase around the personal and cultural conditioning which lives in the body.

​Past Dance of Leadership Participants Share

  • “…I feel more authentic and real with people. My whole being has seemed to make a shift from the places I needed to let go of. The places I hoped would show up are alive in my body today.”
  • “I learned how to embrace chaos, conflict and confusion rather than trying to avoid it.”
  • “Lori is a master teacher…”
  • “She emanates ‘this is really cool stuff…fun, important, powerful. Come join me!”

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