Individual Coaching
  • You are a life-long learner and are ready to take your leadership and life to the next level.
  • You have reached a pinnacle in your career and are ready to consider what’s next.
  • You are ready to unlock the mystery of realizing your leadership potential and your ability to make a difference.

If you are looking for a personalized engagement that will support you on your path, Conscious Leaders is for you!

This individualized program is a mind/body/spirit boot camp for thought leaders. It is for innovative leaders who are ready to work with the principles and practices of The Clearing Process to advance their leadership to an unparalleled level of performance mastery. Over a period of six months, leaders will reorient their leadership capacities on behalf of the change they want to create in the world. Fully grounded in embodied action, supporting heart-centered commitments, participants will emerge from this program more aware of their capacity to initiate and sustain world-changing conversations.

Want to know more?

Have your blind spots become your trouble spots?

Do you know what needs to happen, but you have been unable to have the conversations to create that change?

Are you looking to move to the next level?

Let Conscious Leaders support you in your journey to becoming a stronger leader.