Moments of Choice, Moments of Power: How Decisions Made Every Day Give Women an Opportunity to Step Into Their Power

Sixty seconds adds up to a minute and those minutes rush forward into hours. What is happening in that time? If, like many women leaders, you are busy and working hard, you may have moments in your packed schedule where you’re making choices. Many of us make split-second decisions, sometimes without being consciously aware of it. The decision to bite our tongues, the choice to laugh off a cutting remark. The decision to stand up and be heard. We may not consider them deeply, but these small moments of choice have the power to change our lives and can alter the trajectory of our careers.

My white paper shows you how to notice these moments and how to reclaim your power as a woman leader, one small choice at a time. Download your free copy today and be sure to join my free online community or contact me for coaching to get more support in your journey towards leading with authenticity and strength.

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