About The Clearing

How The Clearing Process can help you:

  • The Clearing Process supports leaders in identifying the closely held beliefs, emotions, and attitudes that often stand in the way of achieving desired results.

    Because it is based in the body, the brain, and language, The Clearing Process uncovers the hidden assumptions and conditioning that have influenced your perspective, your decisions, and your relationships. The Clearing Process gives you a visceral experience revealing where you are “at effect” of that conditioning—and it then offers you a fresh lens so you can be “at cause.”
  • The Clearing Process evokes an evolved set of inspired commitments worthy of your passion, and shows you how to integrate them into your personal and organizational system. That integration takes place at every level of awareness, from the physical to emotional and intellectual.
  • Learn a sturdy set of foundational practices, both proven and reliable, which are grounded in your values and results-based communication. These practices impact your decision-making process, your ability to manage and resolve conflict, and create a highly engaged, high-performance team.
  • You will stop doing what isn’t working well and start doing what will create the future you intend.
  • Clarity: A Clearing for Self-Awareness. Your thoughts shape the way the world occurs for you.
  • Completion: A Clearing for Peace with the Past. Put your past in the past—where it belongs.
  • Creation: A Clearing for an Expanded Future. Every moment is an opportunity to create your intention and make impactful choices.
  • Capacity: A Clearing for Partnership, Contribution and Scale. Growing a community of allies who whole-heartedly support your vision.